Reasons why girls that watch kdrama’s are single:


1.falls in love with second male lead in Korean drama
2.compares every guy to Lee min ho
3.waiting for your oppa that doesn’t exist.
4.has no time for a relationship because she’s only on episode 12 and its getting serious.

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"[Traditional Witchcraft] has little to do with “Fertility Rites,” or even Environmentalism or Radical Feminism - it has more to do with the strange metaphysics of the relationship between the Unseen world and this world, and the awakening of trance states that bring about contact with the Powers and strange orders of beings dwelling “in” the Land, contact with the Dead, and even more primal, powerful figures that exist in the twilight spaces of the Netherworld, who were described as “Gods” by the ancients."

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Satyr Moon altar, July 2014

A grove full of goaty little men and their friends, dancing under the Full Moon’s light.

Clear quartz, moonstone, green tourmaline, green moss agate, red and green garnet, dragonstone.

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